Kubernetes: Get a new environment for each Pull Request using Review Apps

Hi everyone,

Kubernetes: Are containers useful for a (dotnetcore) developer?

tl;dr: Useful? Yes. Absolutely necessary? No. Used for a single application? Nothing extraordinary… Used by the company with operations in mind? Now we are talking :)

Blazor - Part 5: Show our Blazor webassembly app faster by using server prerendering

Hi everyone,

Blazor - Part 4: How to get a Blazor PWA using Workbox

Hi everyone, this is the 4th part of my serie of articles about Blazor, and today, we will talk about getting an installable Blazor PWA (Progressive Web App) using Workbox.

Blazor - Part 3: Hosting of a Blazor webapp

Here he we go, now is the time for our 3rd part of our Blazor series.

Blazor - Part 2: How to create a simple static Blazor SPA

Start writing a Blazor app in seconds

Blazor - Part 1: What is Blazor

Write a SPA in C#!

Docker : ASP.NET Core container and HTTPS

ASP.NET Core container and HTTPS

Docker : .NET Core container automated tests from Azure Pipelines

Next step after building a container: running automated tests from it

After getting your Docker build automated in Azure Pipelines (by following the article Optimize ASP.NET Core SPA container with Visual Studio for instance :), you are now wondering how could you automatize the execution of your tests in this Pipeline ?

Docker: Optimize ASP.NET Core SPA container with Visual Studio

Visual doesn’t yet support out of the box Docker for react SPA applications

Azure Pipelines: How to add a build agent with Azure Container Instances - part 3 : Build agent on demand

To the “Build agent on demand”

In the previous articles, we have seen how to start an additional build agent using Azure Container Instances in minutes, and then how to use our own custom build agent.

Azure Pipelines: How to add a build agent with Azure Container Instances - part 2 : Custom Agent


In the previous article, we have seen the easiest way to add a build agent to your Azure DevOps organization in 1 command line.

Azure Pipelines: How to add a build agent with Azure Container Instances


Had enough waiting for a build agent to be available?
Have some Parallel jobs available and looking for a way to exploit them ponctually?

How to start or stop automatically an azure VM to optimize cost


We use Virtual Machines very often on Azure, for development, testing, building, etc.
Though these kind of VM might not be used all the time, especially very late in the night or during the weekend. So one easy cost optimization could be to turn off these VM during those periods to save Azure Compute, and money :)

How to send a dynamic email from Sendgrid with dotnetcore


Sending email for notifications or confirmations is pretty common in applications, and Sendgrid email service is definitely a leader on this domain.

Which Azure DevOps should I choose ? Services, Server 2019 or Hybrid ?

Terminology clarification

We are now in March 2019, the new Azure DevOps Server 2019 just got released. Now it is time to have a look to all the hosting possibilities we have regarding the Azure DevOps product.
But before that, a little clarification on all the names associated to this product.

Should I abstract DateTime dependencies to produce testable code ?

DateTime.Now, one of the automated test killer

If you have read a little bit about unit testing and stuff, you probably have heard few golden rules: new keyworld is bad, static and singleton are dangerous, and so on.
But there is another classical “test killer” in the nature: DateTime.Now!

How to add logging on azure with aspnetcore and serilog

Logging as a Service in Azure

Have you ever wished you could get a powerful logging service such as ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana), but as a service in Azure ?
Well, you can rejoice and see in this blog post how to use Azure Log Analytics, the logging as a service in Azure in an AspNetCore application in just 2 Nuget packages and 5 lines of code :)

How to keep your UI tests maintainable over time? Welcome to Page Object Pattern


Creating an automated UI test for a web application using Selenium is really super simple. You can leverage Katalon Recorder extension if you are new to coding, or start directly coding by using the Selenium.Webdriver package. However at the end of the day, tests are described in lines of code, and like any code base which is growing, the problem of maintainability of the code base arise.

Do I still need traditional specifications when using User Stories? Practical usage in Azure Boards

The need of User Stories

When starting a new development project, expressing your needs, constraints and requirements are generally the first step. Moreover, this is probably one of the most important part of the project, as it will have huge impact of how you will organize not only your team but also your code.

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